Month: September 2018

A Simple Love


A love so deep it runs through your veins


Sharper than any ounce of pain


Connection so real it feels like fiction


Craving more would be an addiction


A touch so gentle it puts you at ease


Lighter than the cool morning breeze


A kiss so warm it fills your whole body with love


Bright and beautiful like the sky above

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To all those I’ve loved before

Thank you for the memories and so much more

For all the kisses and all the lies

Which taught me things I cannot deny

For every promise that was broken

For every word left unspoken

I’ve learned to share my love with only those who deserve it

No longer willingly giving my heart away

To anyone who would come my way

I’d love too fast and fall too hard

Giving my all and dropping my guard

To all those I’ve loved before

Thank you for the lessons I couldn’t ignore

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Uncertainties of Life

Life is like a box of chocolates


That’s how the old saying goes


You never know what you’re going to get


Life can put you in situations you’re bound to regret


Life can also bring you happiness and times you won’t forget


Sometimes bad things happen to the good ones


It seems that whatever they do, it never matters in the long run


Life is supposed to be the best gift one could ever receive


For some, however, this is simply hard to believe


Life can be easy for one, and hard for others


Some may know their purpose, and for some it’s hard to discover


Life has obstacles that many cannot complete


They may ask, “What’s the point if I face defeat?”


Living a life without challenges is to not live at all


The most successful people trip before they can stand tall