Month: August 2018

Haunted Past

As she sits alone and patiently waits


She wonders, “How much more can I take?”


Constant fights and hurtful words


She asks herself, “Is this what I deserve?”


People make mistakes, say things they don’t mean


She just wants to wake up from this horrible dream


She wants to go back in time and change the past


She asks, “Isn’t love supposed to last?”


She’d take everything back and wipe the slate clean


But then she wonders, “Would things be different if he didn’t leave?”


He hurt her, caused her so much pain


The anger she felt, she couldn’t contain


Being with him made terrible feelings surface


He made her feel flawed, far from perfect


Looking back, she knows it was for the best that he left


It took some time, but now it’s easy for her to accept

Frail Hearts

Wanting to use something as an escape


Feeling like no one can relate


Faking a smile to mask the pain


Pretending to be happy is just one tiring game


Doubting yourself, second guessing your worth


Feeling like nothing will ever work


Lying in bed, crying yourself to sleep


Life’s a game you can’t seem to beat


Keeping everything bottled up


Making sure no one will call your bluff


Just wanting to feel the same


Wishing to never again feel pain



Being alone is either a hit or miss


Sometimes it feels like hell, other times like pure bliss


The peace and quiet can be serene and delightful


Sometimes it’s like the whole world is being spiteful


Most days it feels great to be all alone


Then there are times you need to break free of your comfort zone


Sometimes you can’t bear the feeling of being lonely and secluded


Yet the idea of being with someone seems so convoluted


With thoughts of loneliness that can’t be suppressed


This constant need to be alone is something you begin to detest